Martin Benning-Rogers

Født 10. mars 1961
Død 14. desember 2017, Lillesand

Forever in our hearts <3

My dearest husband, best friend, soulmate... we will meet again my love <3


MinneordMy Valentine, now and forever

Love you always <3
Leaza  14-02-2018

MinneordA few years ago Martin and My late husband, John ,went out to pick beautiful stones and had good times together...Vis mer
Hanna Gro Prycr  23-12-2017

My little brother the best brother a person could have, you have always been there for me, and I am going to miss you so much, when you moved to Norway with the love of your life Leaza I know it was meant to be, you were a smashing brother and I know that after 4 girls Mum and Dad were so excited and we all spoiled you rotten...Vis mer
June Rogers (sister)  20-12-2017

Martin, we will mis your humor at the GSA - Gurushots Anonymous Facebook group...Vis mer
Sven  20-12-2017

Mine dypeste kondolanser til hans venner og familie i denne tunge stund.
Sara C Madsen  19-12-2017

You touched my life for a very short time, but you left a deep impression...Vis mer
Carina SC  19-12-2017

MinneordI only knew Martin for a short while, and only spoke with him online...Vis mer
Koenraad De Roo  19-12-2017

Words seem inadequate to express the sadness we feel about Martin death...Vis mer
GuruShots Challenges  19-12-2017

I still don't quite believe it. I'm sorry for all the things we will never now do, and grateful to see how loved you are...Vis mer
Gill Cottrell  18-12-2017

MinneordI’ll always remember your sweet nature and quick wit...Vis mer
Emma Kielty   18-12-2017

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Vestre Moland kirke,Birkelandsveien,4790,Lillesand

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